GP Tracking offers cost-effective and proactive vehicle tracking tool that solves the fundamental problem of fleet management by monitoring your vehicle. Whether you have a single vehicle or multiple vehicles we want your business to perform at its highest level without burning through resources such as fuel, time, and payroll budget. Our cloud-based GPS fleet tracking system monitors your vehicles day and night and generates regular performance updates that put your team on a sure path to success.

The employer or vehicle fleet manager could always track the driver’s “on time” performance and loyalty. GP Tracking can eliminate the need for having your truckers fill out the usual driving logs. With GP tracking system you would know your employees driving habits like how speedily are they driving, how frequent are the stops or where they really are when they say where they are!

  • Provides effective real time location of your vehicle anytime from anywhere
  • Dispatch to customers with great efficiency (dispatch nearest workers to the customers)
  • Better fuel management through efficient vehicle usage
  • Accurately track the distance and speed
  • Improves Drivers Productivity and Reduce/Eliminate Overtime
  • Track and alert arrivals/departures from/to any locations you define using our Geo Tagging features and avoid trip to an unfamiliar location.
  • Track vehicles when someone abuse it or if they are stolen
  • Decrement in overall insurance expenses
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+91 8572 4252 12
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