The school management is not only responsible for maintaining your buses and staying within budget, but play a key role in making sure students are able to safely travel to and from school. And if parents have concerns, they turn to you. To help you balance your everyday duties, GP Tracking solutions has developed an innovative GPS-powered tool that will help you achieve a higher level of safety, savings and service.

Monitoring school buses via GP tracking would make greater overall safety and more timely bus service. Alerts can be configured to be automatically send to the management and parents if the driver breaches driving limitations such as high speed or moving in a different zone.

With the GP Tracking system, Parents could
  • Find the travel history of their children at any given time
  • Ensure if the children has reached the school/home
  • Monitor speed of a school bus and identifies aggressive driving habits
  • Monitor time duration at each stops
  • Track school bus breakdowns, traffic jams, or any kind of delays

It is not just the parents who get the benefits. The school authorities get the same advantages that parents get and further more.

  • Manage fleet with higher efficiency
  • Would be able to avoid fuel wastage caused by excessive idling and inefficient routes.
  • Plan and route easily
  • Monitors unauthorized trips into restricted areas
  • Manage emergency situations such as breakdowns easily
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