workforce tracking

Optimize Your Workforce with Mobility Tools that Improve Profitability

GP Tracking solutions make it possible to quickly track and locate workforce. Any business with field personnel or a mobile workforce will benefit from real-time knowledge of staff whereabouts, enhanced scheduling functions as well as complete reporting on movement throughout the day. GPS tracking of your workforce will generate comprehensive reports, automating the typically manual logging process. The collected data will simplify the mileage tracking expense process, enable routing analysis and make it possible to evaluate and improve overall business performance. Locations are displayed real time on the maps layout.

Efficiently track field personnel, police/security officers, sales reps, medical reps and couriers using a smart phone or PC. Simply go online or activate our App and see exactly where they are and where they are going. You can even set alerts if personnel wander from boundaries that you define. These geofences allow operators to create complex borders that conform to customer sites, company facilities or assigned territories. Entry or exit from these geofences will be recorded in the Workforce Management system and can trigger email or SMS alerts.


  • Improved response times
  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs
  • Less overtime and manual timekeeping
  • Simplified job/assignment tracking
  • Streamline business process (Mobile Forms)
  • Know where all your assets are in real time
  • Icons show visual status at a glance
  • Report times that vehicles enter and exit sites
  • Demonstrate proof of service
  • Increased amount of work done
  • Accurate time sheets
  • Improved efficiency
  • See when staff leave and arrive at home base
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Ensure and prove compliance
  • Enhance the safety of your drivers
  • Protect your insurance premium
  • Protect your company’s reputation
  • Respond quickly to last minute emergencies
  • Reduce error-prone, time-consuming paperwork with digital tools
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